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Binhai One Hotel

The Binhai One Hotel, Tianjin is a five-star resort hotel with an integration of accommodation, catering, conference, spa, sports,  leisure and health care. It is located at Huanggang ecological innovation and conservation zone within Binhai New Area in Tianjin an

d at the north of Beitang Toll Station with an advantageous location and  convenient transportation. (Google Map)
Our hotel covers 0.266 million square meters and its total construction area is 0.066million square meters with 273 deluxe rooms. For your business in Tianjin, the Binhai One Hot Spring Resort's catering center can accommodate 1200 guests. The international conference center can hold 1300 guests in supply with service of the highest quality.

The  sports center occupies about ten thousand square meters, including such extensive recreational facilities as a deluxe spa, a swimming pool in accordance with the international standard, a tennis venue and Kara Ok. Also the geothermal spa provides an unprecedented supernatural enjoyment with natural green vegetable planting base, self-brewed wine, promenade park, fishing park, entertainments on the lake and so forth, which render an ultimate relaxation in the ecological environment through drawing near the water and the nature.

The overall architectural style of the hotel derives from the mixture of the Chinese classical garden style and the modern design conception. This elegant and splendid Chinese imperial gardening permeates an atmosphere of profound Chinese civilization and highlights an aesthetic philosophy of wisdom and elegance.

The Binhai One Hot Spring Resort, Tianjin makes use of construction materials, decoration and furniture with equipped goods carefully built in accordance with the green and environment-friendly concept. Moreover, the project has been submitted for review and has been named as“National Quality Awards”

The Jiangnan-like environment, the persistent service principle and various hotel products will present a picturesque scene full of green, culture, fashion and health.

binhai one hot spring resort tianjinTianjin Binhai One Hotel, Binhai One Hotel  TianjinTianjin Binhai One Hotel, Binhai One Hotel  TianjinTianjin Binhai One Hotel, Binhai One Hotel  Tianjin
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